Linux Mint: Firejail as security sandbox for your programs

Firejail is an easy to use security sandbox program that reduces the risk of security breaches by restricting the running environment of untrusted applications using Linux kernel security features. It restricts what files and directories an application can access in your home directory and what access it has to system directories and system resources. Firejail is ideal for use with web browsers, desktop applications, and daemons/servers alike. more


6 thoughts on “Linux Mint: Firejail as security sandbox for your programs

  1. Roberto

    Although like many features of firejail, I didn’t install on my computers because the option “-net” (unconnected network namespace) allows any user to pass by my firewall rules. Is there any way to install firejail and disable the option “-net” so that users cannot use it? While there is no way to ban users from using the option “-net” I can’t use firejail. Could be a way to disable the option “-net” in the configuration file. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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