ADDICTIVE TIPS: How To Set Up Firejail On Linux

Linux has a reputation of being fairly secure, and out of the big three operating systems it runs into far less issues when it comes to privacy. Still, as secure as Linux can be, there’s always room for improvement. Introducing Firejail. It’s an application that allows users to take any running app, and “jail it”, or “sandbox it”. Firejail lets you isolate an app and prevent it from accessing anything else on the system. The app is the most popular program sandboxing tool on Linux. It is because of this, many Linux distributions have decided to ship this software. Here’s how to get the Firejail on Linux.



7 thoughts on “ADDICTIVE TIPS: How To Set Up Firejail On Linux

  1. David K.

    Bug in 0.9.50 Makefile?
    In file included from ../include/seccomp.h:63:0,
    from seccomp_print.c:21:
    seccomp_print.c: In function ‘detect_filter_type’:
    ../include/seccomp.h:107:18: error: ‘AUDIT_ARCH_AARCH64’ undeclared (first use in this function)
    # define ARCH_64 AUDIT_ARCH_AARCH64


      1. David K.

        Basically Debian on Raspberry Pi:

        Linux minibian 4.9.44-v7+ #2 SMP Wed Aug 23 13:55:47 EDT 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

        Thanks for the fixes!


  2. Roberto

    How configure firejail to use xpray by default? I need to typed “firejail –x11=xpra firefox” in terminal every time I need to start firefox. I use “firecfg”, but the aplications does not open with xpray if I double click in desktop icons.


    1. netblue30 Post author

      I assume you only use a small number of more important apps with –x11, it doesn’t make sense to use it for everything.

      The easiest way is to create local profile in your home directory in ~/.config/firejail. For example for firefox it will look like this:

      $ cat ~/.config/firejail/firefox.profile
      x11 xpra
      include /etc/firejail/firefox.profile

      In your custom profile you start with “x11 xpra” and then include the original profile.



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