Parrot 3.10 is out

We are proud to announce the release of Parrot 3.10, the latest version of our security oriented GNU/Linux distribution.

The first big news is the introduction of a full firejail+apparmor sandboxing system to proactively protect the OS by isolating its components with the combination of different techniques. The first experiments were already introduced in Parrot 3.9 with the inclusion of firejail, but we took almost a month of hard work to make it even better with the improvement of many profiles, the introduction of the apparmor support and enough time to make all the tests.



3 thoughts on “Parrot 3.10 is out

  1. Peter Diks

    On Parrot 3.10 i witnessed strange behavior calculating space on a usb-stick. And a very slow processing of operations. ( even slower than Btrfs would handle it ).
    And a crippled Gparted at this stage.


    1. Secbegineer

      With me barley aware of how to burn an iso, ParrotOS was easy to set up and actually is quicker then windows 10 setup. With windows being mostly automated and most used OS, it makes people unintelligent and entitled for things to work by double clicking. While its used as a pen tool, it was the security out-of-the-box (remeber im a windows user) and easy setup to get me to keep using Parrot (not going to lie the wallpaper really drove a spare usb to get iso’d). I wish I could help on the project since its free and donating money doesn’t solve my unintelligence to be able to assist. Firejail is awsome and would like to fund a tutorial project for beginners like myself to follow from a pro to give directions to the digital ocean and get my feet wet. Crowd funding quality tutorials will turn the tide on the entrenched windows os which keeps people mentally maimed and dependent. That idea for the linux distros as a whole would bring comfort to begginers knowing that there might be a video to follow and remove the fears of using linux.



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