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AppImage is a universal software packaging format developed by Simon Peter. The package is a regular ISO 9660 file containing all binaries, libraries and resources necessary to run the application. You are likely to find this type of packaging used by open-source projects trying to reach a large audience during fundraising campaigns.

Firajail provides native support for AppImage applications. These are the main features of AppImage/Firejail combo:

  • state of the art software packaging and seccomp/namespaces sandboxing technology
  • the only requirement to run the application is a Linux kernel version 3 or newer – there are no dependencies, no 200MB runtimes to download and install
  • network and X11 sandboxing support
  • monitoring and auditing capabilities
  • low runtime overhead, no daemons running in the background, all security features are implemented in Linux kernel
  • it can be used in parallel with other security frameworks such as Grsecurity, AppArmor, SELinux


Start your AppImage application in Firajail using –appimage command line option:

$ firejail --appimage krita-3.0-x86_64.appimage

All sandboxing options should be available. A private home directory:

$ firejail --appimage --private krita-3.0-x86_64.appimage

or some basic X11 sandboxing:

$ firejail --appimage --net=none --x11 krita-3.0-x86_64.appimage


A Full Example

I download Firefox Developer Edition from AppImage project repository, and I start the sandbox:

$ firejail --appimage --private --net=eth0 --x11 ~/Downloads/Firefox-Dev-48.0a2.en.glibc2.3.3-x86_64.AppImage

I use –appimage to enter appimage mode, –private to create an empty home directory, –net=eth0 to create a new network namespace, and –x11 for X11 sandboxing based on Xpra.

Firefox Developer Edition AppImage running in Firejail sandbox

Firefox Developer Edition AppImage running in Firejail sandbox

Next, I start the graphical user interface to verify some of the security parameters:



I have two sandboxes running in this moment, Firefox AppImage and Transmission BitTorrent client. I click on Firefox sandbox to get the stats:

Firefox Developer Edition sandbox statistics

Firefox Developer Edition sandbox statistics

In the stats window I look at seccomp status (enabled) and the capability field (all zero). These are the two most important settings for a sandbox, everything else is built on top of them.

Since I also have a BitTorrent download going on, I also keep an eye on the network traffic. If needed, I can limit the traffic for each sandbox using the bandwidth limiting capabilities in Firejail:

$ firejail --bandwidth=32119 set eth0 80 20

In this example I use Firefox PID (32119) and limit the sandbox traffic on interface eth0 to 80 KB/s in receive direction, and 20 KB/s in transmit direction.


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