man firemon

FIREMON(1)                     firemon man page                     FIREMON(1)

       Firemon  - Monitoring program for processes started in a Firejail sand‐

       firemon [OPTIONS] [PID]

       Firemon monitors programs started in a Firejail sandbox.  Without a PID
       specified, all processes started by Firejail are monitored. Descendants
       of these processes are also being monitored. On Grsecurity systems only
       root user can run this program.

       --arp  Print ARP table for each sandbox.

       --caps Print capabilities configuration for each sandbox.

              Print control group information for each sandbox.

       --cpu  Print CPU affinity for each sandbox.

       -?, --help
              Print options end exit.

              Print network interface information for each sandbox.

       --list List all sandboxes.

              Print information only about named sandbox.

              Monitor  network statistics for sandboxes creating a new network

              Print route table for each sandbox.

              Print seccomp configuration for each sandbox.

       --top  Monitor the most CPU-intensive sandboxes.

       --tree Print a tree of all sandboxed processes.

              Print program version and exit.

       --x11  Print X11 display number.

       Option --list prints a list of all sandboxes. The format for each entry
       is as follows:


       Option  --tree prints the tree of processes running in the sandbox. The
       format for each process entry is as follows:


       Option --top is similar to the UNIX top  command,  however  it  applies
       only  to  sandboxes. Listed below are the available fields (columns) in
       alphabetical order:

              Command used to start the sandbox.

       CPU%   CPU usage, the sandbox share of the elapsed CPU time  since  the
              last screen update

       PID    Unique process ID for the task controlling the sandbox.

       Prcs   Number  of  processes running in sandbox, including the control‐
              ling process.

       RES    Resident Memory Size (KiB), sandbox non-swapped physical memory.
              It  is  a sum of the RES values for all processes running in the

       SHR    Shared Memory Size (KiB), it reflects memory shared  with  other
              processes.  It is a sum of the SHR values for all processes run‐
              ning in the sandbox, including the controlling process.

       Uptime Sandbox running time in hours:minutes:seconds format.

       User   The owner of the sandbox.

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
       under  the  terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
       Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at  your
       option) any later version.


       firejail(1),  firecfg(1),  firejail-profile(5), firejail-login(5) fire‐

0.9.42                             Sep 2016                         FIREMON(1)

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